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Bringing Israel’s homeless back to society through sports

The association runs a variety of projects: Adult football teams, a team for at-risk youth, a women's choir and the "Place" project - street lockers.

"On the field we are all equal, the team and the players. Everyone on the field is normative. "

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About Us

Home Base is a non-profit organization, offering a different approach for rehabilitation treatments for the homeless.  Using team dynamics as a therapeutic tool, Home Base nurtures personal connections with the excluded homeless population.

We give the homeless population in Israel the opportunity to rehabilitate in a new and holistic model that is a bridge to their return to society.

Men football teams

We use football as a  therapeutic tool - it creates meaningful connections between the staff and  the participants and thus contributes to their rehabilitation and integration into the community.

Women's Choir

The "Halelu" choir was established for women who are facing homelessness, the women meet every week to sing and afterwards sit and eat together. 

Lockers project

The project implements the concept of “housing first”model by exercising the housing rights of Jerusalem “street dwellers” and helping those unfamiliar ones to get recognition and  their rights. The locker is a humane solution required for the time needed to build trust and break through bureaucratic obstacles.

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